Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Realized Lately...

I'm not making any excuses for who I am today...I am a work in progress and live the life I'm living right now in gratitude. YET I adored the succulent traveller and liver of life I used to be. This isn't about getting into what might or might not have happened to walk me down this path or how I've slowly been picking myself up (...happily!!).

I am amazed! I have been following with my succulence appetite a few blogs, getting to know the writers through their truth in words and photographs. People such as Joel Runyon. Through him, through my now being on twitter, through the magical powers of the universe, I have found many kindreds. Sure, some of them are in their 20s. Who cares! I did that stuff in my 20s and am excited to do more things in my 40s!

It helped me to remember something. I remembered who I was. I was myself and I went out and lived, not necessarily listening to all the naysayers in the world. Family of origin, those who are scared they'll combust instantaneously unless they stick to their rigid paths. Wow! I can hardly believe I've careened back into living a bit of this way, of allowing these beliefs to invade my happiness, my being.

I read about people who give up what I call day jobs to pursue a heart-filled life of travel. The unknown. I have told people since running far away from my abusive ex and into the unknown (I'm still there!) I prefer to travel in a foreign country where I don't even know the language, where I can decide to go to Belfast for a few days because there's a cease-fire, show up at the bus station in Dublin and wait around until it comes. Armed only with my pen, journals and books. And a knack for talking to the world. I get giddy thinking about all the travelling experiences I was blessed to live. Give me the unknowns of all you experience during travels and I'll take it!

A part of my heart connects with these people who seek also to travel for the sheer love of it. People would always ask me why I was going to Europe or Belize or Negril. Why not? Perhaps that will be my new motto in life - why not?

We all have to keep each other motivated, alive, a little more juicy in this game of life! There's another adventure just around the corner!