Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why Do I Listen To The Negative Nellies?

Do you have any people surrounding you that are "negative nellies"? People who mean well but they are looking at Y O U R fabulous, succulent life through their glass-half-full lenses? Yeesh!! I do. It's my parents. Fortunately and unfortunately, they are the ones I go to when I'm at the end of my financial rope. Not for other things, but mainly for that. Each time I truly appreciate their help. But I have to put clear stoppers on them. Over and over again.

My dad pretty much sent me a scathing email. Saying I am enroute to a destitute path and that I appear to be waiting for something magical to happen without me doing it to fix everything. Whoa and wow! Reign that negativeness far far far away from me, please! That's my interpretation...and the response I got back was he was trying to encourage me. Whoa!

You know, as someone living in gratitude, I love to appreciate my parents for the fabulousness that they are. But they are not always fabulous. They have also been going through some things lately that are sooooo not at all about me.

Good things I've already learned~

When emotions leak out sideways because someone has chosen to not appropriately process it or express it, it is not about me whatever they might say or do to me.

Sometimes it's time to reign it in so you can keep creating fabulousness in your life. Sure, even loved ones veer off the path and turn into energy suckers. That's the perfect time to be clear and set boundaries. Or reset them. As often as I need to. Yikes. Sometimes people are just so living in fear they forget what I have requested or communicated I will no longer tolerate.

So grateful I learned this stuff when I was earlier! Otherwise I might actually take things personally. No thanks.

We must always always ALWAYS be our own champions. I hate to say we have to fight for anything, but for those parts of our lives that are not going very smoothly, we DO have to fight for what we believe to be true for ourselves until it is old hat. Those are the lessons in life.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a magical week!