Saturday, April 27, 2013

Helllloooooo Again & Making Choices

It's been a few busy months! Happy to say I've made it out on the other side of winter!

So many good things have been part of my life on a daily basis in the last few months. I am still working as a scheduler in a cancer clinic. Learning a new skill has been a boost to my fabulousness! Where I'm working and all the lovely patients I am able to interact with has been such a blessing, too. I love that I know I'm meant to be where I'm at for a while. The biggest gift I get is to live your life right now. Do all your fabulous bucket list things ~ start walking toward them anyways ~ today. My heart goes out to the ones who didn't make it, and I am grateful for them, for the part they played in my days. Very grateful.

Something on my heart lately relates to the writing client work I have been able to bring in. In this journey right now, I can see myself as a single mom with not quite enough money. That makes me make choices. I'm great at manifesting ~ and I happened to bring in writing projects from writing clients who were students. I am grateful now for the extra cash flow it brought into my life. And I'm now consciously say no more.

It's interesting how people are and how they interact. How we allow people to interact with us speaks volumes to where we are at this moment in our souls journey. I needed some extra money, so I brought that in through the form of non-native students needing help writing their papers for their classes. Yes, from the beginning parts of my knew it wasn't the best or right thing to do.

It's been a good journey. So now instead of saying no to:
  • unethical, dishonest writing work
  • low pay because they complain about the amount I asked for but supposedly needed the service
  • bad communication in order to do the best job I could
  • high expectations without clarity, integrity, good pay
  • lack of time with my daughter due to scrambling to get their work done after my daytime job
  • feeling good about learning about new things and being able to complete challenging assignments
  • procrastinating because I don't really want to do it
I am saying yes to:

  • More time with my fabulous daughter ~ just in time for spring and summer!
  • Allowing myself to better manage the money I do have
  • Using other techniques to bring money in such as selling things I no longer use and decluttering
  • (DING DING ~ MOST IMPORTANT) My own writing projects and riding the wild donkey to get them out the door regardless of anything and everything weighing me down as to why I haven't done this yet :)
  • Getting out in nature again
  • Getting away from the computer more to get fit and active and spend time doing what I love!

Whew. Time to go enjoy our gorgeous spring weekend weather! Thanks for reading and I hope you're living fabulously too!