Monday, June 25, 2012

~What A Week~

Life got a little crazy, which is absolutely nothing new. I'm determined to jump back into life again. I tell myself I'm up for more. This soooo beats the opposite end of the spectrum for me, which is to become and stay paralyzed with fear. No thanks and goodbye to that old life. I love it and breathe in the fullness of choosing to live again!

Why do we keep ourselves away from that which we adore and love?

This week I've been reflecting on what is worth doing. I work with people who are often passing on to the other side, finished here on the earth. It is sad that they have finished up. Yes, it is also such a natural part of the whole cycle of life. That makes me think our creative, juicy lives need to be part of this natural cycle, too. There is so much life to be lived. So much joy to experience. There are some things we need to do, such as work or perhaps deal with a family member who hurts you immensely but still provides help that is needed, both in my case.

One day as I was walking out to my car during lunch, I thought about this: if you only had a year left, what would you do? And what if you knew you only had a year left but had not the money to travel the world or someother decadent thing costing money? If you were dying from cancer, or some other disease/condition, your health would likely be compromised, leaving you unable to fully do what your soul sings to do.

Me? I know what I could do that wouldn't necessarily cost anything ~ I would write about 20 books! We never know how long we are meant for this earth this time. And that is something that essentially costs only time and creativity and persistence.

I'm determined to start back on doing that which I love. Last week I felt like I was getting up at the crack of dawn, so I'm sticking to it. Instead of doing writing client work and still feeling frazzled, I intend to keep writing my book. I've got a little over 17,000 words already! Yippee! I'm a tad overwhelmed by all the fabulous things I want to work on ~ I feel waking up early and sitting down at the page is helping soothe me already. I feel good about it.

Tell me, what would you do if you only had a year? And how can you step into it more in your life right now?

Friday, June 15, 2012

So Happy These Days

I am just amazed at the pace life is clipping along at these days for me. I feel immensely blessed for all these blessings.

I am having so much fun at my job each day. Amazingly learning new skills ~ now I know how to schedule cat scans and bone density tests and such. The biggest part of me adores learning new things! I love to stretch my brain. I feel grateful as I've gotten older I've become more comfortable in my skin and confident as well. I still work on shedding stuff like giving a rip what others think of me or judging myself against others. One way I could look at it: if ms. x had lived through what I lived through, how would they have handled it.

I truly am so grateful for all these lessons along this path I'm on.

Summer is just my absolutely favorite time. This isn't even about the warm weather or the beach. And it's something I am experiencing living in Minnesota ~ I adore the way the air smells after things have started growing again, just after spring when mother nature is sliding into the beginning of summer. Ahhhh. So content. That beautiful, fresh, sweet smell mixed with sunshine reminds me how good life can be. It also symbolizes the stagnant part of the year is over and now we can embrace growth and loving ourselves. Not necessarily to bring in more, although that is fun, too. Whatever we with and without intent focused on and prayed into existence is coming in.

That is the beauty in life right now. I love loving life again. I love being grateful for so many things every day. I love the hustle of getting back into the swing of living fully again. This means living in our own place again, a new job that is most days over alarmingly fast with many smiled and lots of laughter shared with patients and coworkers, just making life work again. I love that I am actually ready and already embracing it all again. Getting up, getting myself and my daughter ready, dropping her at her grandma's for free daycare, sliding into work sometimes early and sometimes just barely in time, weaving through the tapestry of the busyness of the day, a new extremely fun class that counts toward my pre-nursing classes, even going out.

It's so amazing to be on the other side. To trust it is and will keep getting better. Best of all, to be grateful for all the moments. Ahhhh, life.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Press The Easy Button

So, ahem. Hi again! And ahem again. I was having such fun today at work when this cute Hungarian boy came in. He's not really a boy, he's just 9 years younger than me and has that young, youthful look about him. Yes, he's a patient at the clinic I started working at in the beginning of April. Me and my has just been so delicious and fun to actually find men to flirt with again and talk with. What a treat. You know, the cute smile, sense of humor, tallness. :)

:) and now I am blushing, just like at work with my fun coworkers!

There was a young boy (brought with to his grandfather's appointment) who was reaching for a cup on the counter. He was perhaps four or five years old, so pretty short and little and cute. He was stretching and stretching. My coworker told him to keep stretching "just a little farther".

I immediately shouted over his way "See how there are three metal parts? Grab the one closest to you and pull it towards you. Then you can get it easy." My coworker and the cute boy almost started booing me, tell me that's how you stretch and grow taller. Hmmm. Really? I said to them and the little boy "I'm all about pressing the easy button."

Yes, I am. It's that simple.

What made me feel even better later is that the grandma said the boy has an artificial leg. And again later he got another cup in the same manner I suggested. I looked over to see that his fingers weren't fully formed.

I'm all about stretching and pushing yourself to do new things and create an even better life doing things you've never done before. At the same time, I'm lately all about savoring the moment. Enjoying your fun moments you have every day. And that sure felt good in my heart to help that boy. Perhaps it's because my hearing loss is caused by nerve damage which caused birth defects and it was from a prescription drug my mom was given by a doctor way back when. Today, with this boy and what was perhaps also nerve damange it showed me how we always find connections with others, along with ways of helping them.