Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Dictators In My Life

Er...ummm....yes, I've got at least a couple dictators in my life.

I discovered after leaping full speed ahead out of life my abusive ex-husband that abuse can follow you around. Another thing I learned in my valuable time in support groups to heal from that same lovely stuff is of course we learn it from our childhood or family or somewhere from our growing up years. Here and there since 2004 i have had folks in my life that were clearly abusive. These things are always good to be aware of, and even better to keep walking through the healing part of the journey!

Yep, my mom is still dictating to me how to live my life. I keep patiently teaching her how to act appropriately with me. Thank goodness I've put my daughter in child care at her school. Always when I've shelled out money when my mom offered to watch Bella for free I've found adding more peace to our lives to be worth it. It is great for my daughter to be able to just play and be a kid in one more place.

So of course in life I have noticed a pattern. Unresolved mother issues brings other people into my life to practice working through the same stuff. No time like the present! I happen to work with a couple of powerful women. One just had a baby so I have a break from her for a bit. The other one is feisty and from a middle eastern country. I am grateful to have a job, happy I've created good income and new learning opportunities to add to my past experiences. I also have always sooo very much going on and ideas about what I want to do or be or create into my life. Some things I simply live and participate in, not ready to yet shift. In many other areas of my life, I am shifting tremendously. My spirit keeps saying yes!

No, I am not yet ready to actively pursue getting a different job. I am ready to keep standing up for myself with my aggressive coworker. To keep exploring within myself how much of her actions and behavior or truly hers and if any of it is my actual or internalized mother. Exciting stuff these days! I've been so consumed with my work days ~ now to make time to reflect on this more and allow the small, gentle steps to move into better places in every area of my life!

Thanks for reading. I hope you are experiencing abundant gratitude moments! :)
~ Marina