Sunday, November 28, 2010

Starting To Walk The Path

I feel like I'm getting my normally positive and optimistic stride back. I am used to being positive and loving life. Okay. I was used to this way of life before I met my ex-husband and had my spirit displaced for a brief few years. I've long had it back from that experience, but I get out of sorts living here in the winters in Minnesota. And I get used to not feeling the best. I'm wading uphill in a stream living with my mom.

It's funny. Whenever people I meet or know talk about how awesome, loving or understanding their mom is, I audibly tell them they are blessed. And they are. I am not. Or at least I must not have finished learning my lessons from mine YET as we still struggle. I'm not so sure she struggles with attempting to control me and how I choose to raise my daughter. I've been meeting with therapists since after college. I am diligently raising my daughter different than some ways I was raised. I work at having fun with her, and loving her unconditionally for all of who she is. I might hate something she chooses, but I realizes from my own background how important it is for her to be confident in being able to choose, in the choices she makes and me supporting her decisions. I love it when we do what we need to do and then we laugh and have fun! Makes life as a single mom much better!

I've been unemployed since May. We have enough right now, and I am content to not yet add the stress of working and managing the rest of life around that to the mix. I can feel I am getting ready to make some moves. Yes, it's winter. It would be easier to just keep staying in and going out to meet friends and do a few things here and there. I get cold and unhappy in these months here in the tundra. I tell myself I am making the best of it. I do feel like I want to invite more movement in now. That's how I can tell I'm feeling better, less depressed (hooray!) and ready to work again.

I've also been thinking for about six years now of going back to school for nursing. I am going to start with at least one class next semester. It's a good start. I do great with lists. So I've made my list of what I need to do to get into nursing school. It's good to at least start somewhere. And I am trusting I will have enough money or be able to get the assistance I need to start on the path and keep going. Since I've held this in my heart for some time, I know the energy won't die in one week. I need to begin with yes, to start somewhere. I worked for two fabulous neurosurgeons at the University of Miami for two years. That got me interested in more detailed nursing care. I love engaging my mind, and those around me or that I have met are encouraging about this new direction.

I am simply happy to have some happy energy toward something. One of my dreams is to live somewhere fun and warm again, to live on my own with my daughter and be able to happily manage. It feels good to start walking that path.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gotta Get My Life Back!

Oh the horrors, the dissatisfaction
Of living with a demented mom
Or is it merely bipolar or non-money stress?
Living with shit and negativity
Makes me
lose faith inmyself
We can't have that
Me or my daughter
Yes, the chips are down
Not for the count
Time to spring back up
To get my life moving again
To truly allow being happier,
On bringing the chance of joy in
Each day is a gift
We are our own treasure
The mind can hold so much good
I'm in
Are you?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fresh Snow

It is beautiful to look at the freshly falling snow. I like looking at it. Then I step outside...brrr. This girl who'd rather be in the tropics is making the best of another winter.

My daughter has already made a snowman, and now she's at her cousins playing outside again. She loves the winter and the snow. It's funny, sometimes she will lament how much she misses the ocean too.

We bought our new pug a little red santa suit, complete with a hood. Soooo cute! Adorable. Today he liked it. He still can't figure out how to go potty outside in the snow too well.

We like our new little pug. I think we've had him for about a month. He's little, perhaps only 12 pounds. Truly, he is only in our house because my daughter has wanted a little dog for quite some time now. When we were in Miami Beach, someone gave us a chihuahua but alas, we only kept it for a weekend. I liked that. Bella has been wanting a small dog. I'm a lover of pit bulls, american bulldogs and viszlas. They are all clever and beautiful-souled. If I had room, I'd love a great dane. I once dog-sat for one and had dreams Joey and I knew each other in another lifetime.

Little poochie is a cute addition. We have enough room for him to run around after himself or his toys to wear himself out. He enjoys short walks already. It's good for me to get out of the house, out of my unwelcome depression with him. He's a happy little guy.

I called him Little Guy initially. I find it was wrong to do that. I hold on to memories of the heart, and Little Guy was a pit bull I lost to domestic violence and my ex-husband. So this little one is now named Poquito (for little). We love it! He's even got a PINK nametag already. Ha!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ocean, Please Rescue Me

It's not enough
To be surrounded
By my treasures from the ocean,
From when I felt alive
And healed by the ocean's waves every day
I am in mourning
It goes deep within me
I treasure all I've lived,

I want more time by my
Beloved ocean
More years,
More time to be healed
I am still broken
I feel this every day here
This place I live is so desolate to my soul.
The tundra.
And when I let them,
The tears fall hard.
Perhaps some part of me
Is still ravaged inside
From the not-so-long ago pain
Oh, my soul, my heart and spirit ---
Withering here in the land of
You must have a plan or
You must have your life together
I do not. I'm already 40
Most days I am okay with this,
Leaning on my past treasured times.
I long relentlessly for life at the ocean
Why am I being punished in this
Barren place I'm forced to call home?
Oh ocean, please rescue me!

November 7, 2010