Monday, July 8, 2013

What If I Buy A Toolbox?

Happy Sunday! Hope wherever you are in your fun corner of the world you are having an awesome day!

I just put my hammer and nails away...into my kitchen junk drawer. Well, er, I could rephrase that...into my everything drawer. I have a few tools, like the hammer, a long-nose pliers, regular pliers, and a spackle flat thingy. Hammering away made me wonder if I needed a toolbox to put my few tools in, now that I have a house.

We have lived in our townhouse a little over a year now. Lately I've been reflecting how I've been back in Minnesota since 2009 (technically~with my two bouts of a few weeks in the late summer/early fall of living with that wacky friend in the keys in 2009 and 2010). That makes it four years we've living in Minnesota again. And it's actually going really well here!

To think about how fabulous life has gotten makes me feel great about adjusting and being grateful for the good things. Mainly, I no longer find myself longingly looking back at the fabulousness we lived in Key West and Miami Beach. I sure loved those times and I'm grateful, yet I do my best to make each day count here!

What makes me appreciate life right now? Soooooo many delicious things! My work~challenging and always changing. I learned scheduling in an incredibly busy cancer/hematology clinic #1 starting in April 2012. Then in January I was miraculously sent to clinic #2 to help with scheduling. This second clinic was such a godsend. Amusingly a coworker full of venom and depression and other health concerns warned me away from everything that has turned out wonderful.

I have adored working in the second clinic along with the ambiance there (it's known for healing and spirituality~so me!) and the loving coworkers even as our schedule gets busier. In both places I've loved many of the patients. Saddened when the good ones pass, yet treasuring the hugs I get from the ones who miss my absences. This brings a big smile to my heart.

Physically I am doing better, too. I still grapple with (yikes! gasp!) the voices inside that pronounce if I would simply start juicing I would lose all my weight miraculously and quickly. I guess I'm human and that's not completely the last thing I will tackle, yet it could be close to last. I am simply grateful to feel so much better this summer. I imagine its my mind and my day to day grooviness I'm living that helps this summer to be far better! Are we ever grateful for the tough times? I don't do depression well, so I am ever grateful and giddy with happiness to get over the bad parts. It's lovely to come home and actually have the energy to cook a healthy meal, go walking with Bella and Biggie my fabulous little pug after dinner, work on the kitchen, working on the house, and have time for my creative stuff/writing/the downtime stuff like facebook and reading.

This has been a fantastic summer~and it's far from over! I'm also learning to be more kind and much easier on myself. Who knows, I may feel compelled to find a toolbox when I visit my next yard sale!