Friday, October 25, 2013

Applauding the Dream~Livers

Hola Fabulous Peeps!

Every week is pretty amazing, isn't it? It wasn't all week that death was swirling around me, but I felt it. We had some great patients pass away too recently. And we had other patients that are forging forward with fabulous things!

I think it's super succulent when anyone marches forward fiercely toward their dreams! I think it's especially super wonderful when patients who might be somewhat near the end of their lives, say, buy an RV and plan to drive off into the warm sunset!

It's funny, I may work in a cancer clinic. However, for me it's a great way to earn my keep these days. AND expand myself in the midst of chaos and change in the workplace, challenging economic times the kinda devalue us as employees instead of how we could be boosted up, and more super lessons. I totally appreciate my job and I mostly love it every day. It's incredibly rewarding for different reasons.

I see patients of all kinds. We are taught to show kindness and professionalism. This is easy to do, for I am this way naturally when I am in my work environment. (And I've had soooo many different fun environments!) Most that succumb are left with only a little life to live. Bless them all, and I am grateful they touched my lives.

Even when my doctors advocate one thing, I inwardly love it when patients rebel and decide to forgo continuing with treatment to drive their RV somewhere warm for the winter. I sooooo applaud this. They deserve to live much more than they are meekly able to. I'm jumping for joy on the inside when people tell me about their fabulous plans spending 10 days in gorgeous, friendly Belize. I spent 2 weeks there in 1999, 8 days of that on a 43 foot catamaran with fabulous people! It's still a dream trip in my heart!

I want to honor one of my friends on that incredible trip to Belize. His motto was "no regrets". It fits in with living your dreams until the end! He may have met his end already, so what an incredible life he was able to live! Jungle hats off to you fabulous Bob, wherever you are!

So many of us aren't stricken with a disease that gives us a timeline. I'm super grateful to be alive these days where we can run furiously toward one or fifty dreams OR we can keep marching toward them with our drumbeat continuously beating toward our dreams! We are so blessed with people to connect with who share our dreams, and endless sources of fabulousness and inspiration!

I'm grateful for two direct sources of this for me, Hemal Radia and Leonie Dawson. Super grateful hugs to both of you! Leonie makes me realize how fabulous it is to be alive today where we can create fun words! Hemal is someone I have been working with longer to live better and live more of my dreams.

I am also grateful for you~! Thanks for reading! Keep up the great work of enjoying life!


  1. Aww thank you for the mention, Marina!
    Wonderful to hear about the patients, who whilst they may have some challenges, are full of spirit and live and LIVING....and that they have someone as fabulous as you caring for them!

  2. You go girl! I love your blog posts, they are full of positive energy.:)

  3. wonderful blog posts Marina, I agree so full of energy and great to read!! xx

  4. Thanks everyone! You're fabulous! Thanks for encouraging me :)