Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Missed A Year

I feel like I missed a year in my daughters life.

This year she is in fourth grade. She got her favorite teacher. Her fabulous teacher is jam-packed with love and energy and she's all about teaching in a fun way! We are grateful for a much smoother year! We still have the usual grumblings about the same particular kids who do funny things in her class~a boy who lives two houses down from my mom's house who's got it all and is growing into himself nicely, along with her friend who "stole" her looming idea. Ah, such is life! I like to give my daughter an outlet to release that which she doesn't like. I also make sure we also talk about what we want to dreamily bring in.

I am so grateful to be having such a spectacular year of schooling and life for my daughter! What a difference a year and a teacher make. I remember teachers who weren't the best from when I was growing up. Yes, it's good to have perspective. It's good to be who I am now so as to not put up with bad behaviors or wonky things.

I really feel we missed a year by having a teacher not all in. She taught my daughter and a whole school year passed and was passed by...but... It's truly interesting to reflect on teaching styles or even personalities. Makes me wonder why some people are so afraid of life? I am not! Such a far cry from my mom. I appreciate my mom's good intentions, along with the great things she does for us and the fabulous fun moments we share. And I must always remind myself when she criticizes or puts my ideas down if I even am brave enough to share them with her in passing, she is who she chooses to be~some of us are not fully living our lives or love ourselves. And perhaps that's the gift: I am wanting to work on loving myself more fully in an effort to take better care of my body. To this end, it allows me to notice the contrast more! And appreciate the great things!

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