Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thank You

Hi Fabulous Peeps :)

I don't always listen to music~off and on a meditate around in silence. Or think up~thinking more positively to bring in more the life I truly want and am believing I deserve to live :)

I was listening to a few songs I adore a few minutes ago. I had to listen to one of them twice. And I after listening to this (next alphabetical thing on my iTunes!) theta healing I will go back and listen to:

Thank You by Dido

I wholeheartedly adore this song from the bottom of my toes!!!!

Do you have any songs like that?

For me this song reminds me of when my heart was bereft after kicking someone out of my heart in the year 2000...and it makes me think of when I went to Negril, Jamaica with my fabulous friend Sandy in 2001. This song makes me remember being there for a week that year and just loving myself. Jumping off that cliff. Sitting on that bench up in the cliffs watching the sunset every night. Banana pancakes that I still make. Ahhhh. What a heart~soothe....

I am so thankful for this song for reminding me that healing our heart is entirely possible. That there is life on the other side of where we are and getting eventually to where we want to be.

Thank you~ have a wonderful week!

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